One Owner, Operated, Business


Everyone deserves the chance.


Only one way is possible.

Our Mission

Give anyone with the drive and ambition the opportunity to run their own, little or no-cost start up, sustainable, fast growth, commercially viable businesses.

Just a helping hand.

A chance is the only thing most people need.

Why do businesses fail?

Mistakes ! Learning takes too long and costs big money.

Business takes Experience.

We know what to and what not to do.

Loving Making Money.

Do what you love and get paid for it.

Management, Sales & Marketing, The Internet

Some of this is not what you do best.

You can earn money operating a FREE O3 Business

Maybe it's time you work for you.

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Only 15% of new small businesses succeed. In our O3 world, everyone get a real chance and the help they need to be one of them.

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